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SmartEat Sample Plan

Click the "Get a sample" button to get a free one-day meal plan featuring your favorite foods.

SmartEat Sample Plan

Click the "Get a sample" button to get a free one-day meal plan featuring your favorite foods.
SmartEat Plan — 3 in 1
Our plan costs $99 $49. For that price, you get:
A Customized Plan
Our four-week plan is based on an online questionnaire where you identify what you do and don't like to eat, your goals, your level of physical activity, and how many times a week you want to cook.
A Shopping List
The list is conveniently broken down by product category and shelf life, so you can quickly get everything without spontaneous purchases and unnecessary spending.
Instruction & Recipes
Reach your goal as quickly as possible.
Instruction is available, Recipes is in developing.
SmartEat is
A professional meal plan service
For weight loss /
weight gain
All goals
To fit
your budget
YOU select the products
To fit your
taste preferences
Everything is delicious
About Us
Anton Krasavin
Founder, SmartEat
  • Certified nutritionist
  • Has been creating meal plans for over 7 years
  • Developed a program that perfectly breaks down nutritional intake based on one's goals and personality
  • Has created over 2,500 meal plans
How to Get Your Plan
Fill out the online questionnaire.
Click on the "Get a sample now" button on this page (your answers automatically come to us). The menu consists only of foods you and your family eat. No unnecessary purchases!
Pay for the plan.
$49 (pay with card)
Receive your four-week plan.
+ Shopping list
+ Instructions
We'll send you your meal plan within one minute of you filling out the form
and making payment to the specified email address.
(Orders are placed around the clock, including weekdays, weekends, and holidays.)
Numbers Don't Lie
2 200
satisfied customers
5 minutes
to fill out the form
59 seconds
to receive a plan
The second plan is free!
When your weight changes by 5-10 pounds, we advise you to recalculate your meal plan. We'll be glad to do it for free, on one condition… :)

…Send us your photos (one BEFORE you incorporated the meal plan and the other AFTER you incorporated the meal plan) and allow us to post them on Instagram with a review. We'll make sure to cover your face!

To take part in the action, message us on WhatsApp.


How much weight will I lose in a month?
We have a healthy approach. It is realistic to lose 6-10 pounds in one month. With our plan, you'll lose both fat and water weight. If you follow it, you won't put the weight back on, and you won't be tempted to overeat.

If you try any low-calorie diets, you'll probably still lose 10 pounds, but you'll lose muscles and water first, and your body will look flabby. Also, you'll constantly feel hungry.
Can I have a family meal plan for a husband and wife?
Yes, we love to create family plans that make it convenient to cook for everyone at once.

How it works: First, one family member fills out the plan creation form with his or her information and favorite products and meals, and then the other member fills theirs out. In this case, the second person will only fill in data about him/herself, as the planned foods will already be chosen by the first person to fill out the form.

As a result, you'll get several meal plans—one for each person. The meals and dishes will be the same, but the portion sizes will be different for each person.

What it costs: The first plan costs the standard price. Subsequent family plans are discounted.
Do you make plans for people with medical conditions?
We don't do nutritional counseling for clients. SmartEat is a service that distributes the right proteins, carbs, and fats to the foods the client eats.

If a person has a disease or other health problems, we recommend seeing a doctor.

However, based on a doctor's recommendations, we can create a plan to fit the client's goal.

If you have a lot of contraindications, it's better to fill out a questionnaire first and then we can tell you whether we can create a plan for you.
Do you prepare plans for vegetarians?
Yes, we do. No surprise there.
Do I have to buy a new plan every month?
No. We recommend recalculating the plan when your weight changes by 5-10 pounds.

If your goal (weight loss/maintenance/gain) has not changed, we'll do a second plan at a 50% discount...
…Or for free, if you send your BEFORE and AFTER photos and allow us to post them on our Instagram with a review. We'll be sure to cover your face!
Got any questions?
Email us and we'll tell you everything.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 774-1887

447 Sutter St Ste 405 PMB 77
San Francisco, CA 94108
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